The Social Media Growth
Affiliate Program

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What is The Social Media Growth Affiliate Program

    Our Affiliate Program provides the opportunity for internet-based people to refer our services to others and start earning money with us. The purpose of the program is expanding our customers network with the help of our users. Our affiliate program is suitable for:

    Individuals who wish to refer us to their friends and family
    Bloggers and website owners
    Email Marketers
    Influencers on any Social Media Platform

    Simply use your unique Referral Link to refer us to others on your website, blog or social media profiles and encourage them to use our services..

    Our support team will be happy to help you discover an optimized affiliate marketing strategy. So, do not hesitate to contact us for further consultations.

How To Start Earning With The Social Media Growth?

Register your personal account on to get started as an affiliate.
By advertising your referral link, you will bring more users and earn more commission.
Save Your Referral Link
Once you've registered, go to the affiliate page, and save your referral link.
Track Your Progress
We offer you a specialized affiliate dashboard that provides you with every information you need to track your progress.
Share Your Link
The most crucial part of your success as an affiliate and gaining a recurring commission is sharing your link.
Get a referral link now!

This is the age of Influencers & Youtubers!

  • The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you are not limited in terms of results. This can become an extra source of income as much as it can turn into a full-time profit generator. It depends on your commitment and your ability to create a network of referrals, but this niche is in such high demand that you will have very little trouble finding people who are interested in social media growth.

    Now you have the opportunity to sell a truly attractive service to an endless number of people who are looking to achieve results within any of those platforms.

    No hidden fees and no obligations – Just the potential to earn big with a reliable business strategy!

Where To Engage Clients?

Blogs & Media
Write an article about our services!
    Write articles about us and post them on your blog

    In case you don't have your own blog, you can write articles on free media.
Create an article once and get constant income from the affiliate program!
Google Ads
Use ad campaigns
    Create and customize advertising campaigns using your referral link.

    Display advertising also works great, use design marketing materials in your advertising campaigns and attract customers.
A well-tuned advertising campaign will generate constant income!
Messenger / E-mail Traffic
Promote our services via messenger or e-mail!
    If you are an owner of the email list, you can promote our services by sending email campaigns to your list.

    If you don't have an email list, you can find customers by contacting them on messenger directly.
Generate even more income from your audience!
Social Media Networks
Promote on social media networks!
    Lead your customers and partners from various social media to your affiliate link.

    If you have your own partner’s resource - promote affiliate link on it.
Your clients will benefit and you will receive additional income!

Advantages Of Our Affiliate Program

We are prospective and a fast-growing company specialized in social media marketing. We have done lots of successful projects in SMM business and, eventually, decided to share our expertise. We want to be useful for as many people as possible. We want to give everyone an opportunity to use our product, promote their business and get profit.

User-Friendly Dashboard
Upon signing up, you are gaining access to an affiliate dashboard, tailored to provide you all the information you need to track users and commission.
Advanced Monitoring
At any given time, you can check your personal affiliate dashboard. All of your progress will be presented to you in an easy-to-understand way.
We payout funds only to your TSMG account balance, and not to third party methods. Which means you can use earned funds on our services only. Minimum payout is 10$.
Lifetime Commission
Every user you bring to will earn you commission for as long as they use our services.
Constant and Transparent Growth
The perfect candidate for our affiliate program is those who seek constant growth. From our part, we will provide you with reliable ways to monitor your progress and push you to grow even more.
24/7 Support
Our support is available to you on ticket, email or whatsapp to answer every question you have. Communication is important as together we can grow.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear What Our Affiliates Have To Say

You can now earn money for helping us spread the word. It’s an easy, risk free way for you to earn commissions on your referrals.

Thank you for helping me earn money!

Completed my first 2K dollars in 1 month! One of the best panel which has all the things that I need in my social media! Start using this because i thought it is best alternative to many panels which are there on the market.

Tasha Ryan

Best affiliate program ever!!!

In addition to offering social media services, the Partner Program has added a new revenue stream for us. We’re helping our clients boosting their social media while earning thousands in recurring revenue. It’s win-win-win.

Patrick Schrodt
Digital Marketer

Great way to earn passive income!

Just crossed 5K$ in affiliate commissions so far with TSMG! The best part is, everyone who joins only says good things about the panel. It's the best smm panel that people actually love and can afford. Well done TSMG team.

Phil Wilson

Still Have Questions? Read Our FAQ Below

Do you have questions about our affiliate program? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

At its simplest form, the TSMG Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, and webinars. Joining the program gives you and your business a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue opportunities.

Upon registering on Tsmg you will receive your unique affiliate link which will track all of your referrals. When inviting users to register on Tsmg, always use your unique affiliate link. Our tracking cookies remain for 30 days, meaning that if someone click on the link, then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor register on the website, and you will receive 20% commision of every deposit he make for lifetime.

You're eligible to receive a commission for users that deposit funds, through your affiliate link. There is no maximum number of users you can refer, we want you to earn as much as possible.

We payout funds only to your TSMG account balance, and not to third party methods. Which means you can use earned funds on our services only.

The minimum payout amount is the minimal commission amount that needs to be earned by affiliate to include it to payout report. The minimum payout amount is $10.

Self-referrals for affiliate purchases are strictly prohibited. You will not receive credit when adding funds through your own affiliate link.

Ready to Start Earning Money?

Earn an incredible 20% commission on every client you attract and get recurring payouts while the client places new orders! Be the one to gain up to $3000 monthly with your recurring commissions.