Frequently Asked Questions

1. Step: Category - Select the Social Media platform you want to grow.
2. Step: Service - Select the service type.
3. Step: Details - Carefully read details for every service before placing an order.
4. Step: Link - Enter the username or page link.
5. Step: Quantity - Enter the amount needed (do not use commas or dots, for example, use 1000 instead of 1,000).
6. Step: Charge - Shows your order cost.
Press Submit and enjoy your order! 😊

Best and cheap SMM panel. Every service is different. Whenever you select a service from the drop-down menu, you will find a box with all the information needed for that particular service, start time, minimum/maximum amounts, as well as the average daily speed.

Delays can sometimes occur, this is mainly caused by recent updates in a certain Social Media website’s algorithm or a system overload, on the rare occasion that this can happen we will only be able to refund the missing amount from the order within 48 hours of opening the ticket if the issue was not solved.

If the username/link is valid then the order cannot be stopped; however, if the link is invalid (for example a youtube link in an Instagram service) then we can cancel and refund.

A partial status occurs when a link has already maxed out that particular server’s capacity, when this happens you will automatically get a refund for the amount that was not delivered and you may then use any of our other servers for that link.

Drip-Feed is a feature that we are offering so you would be able to put the same order multiple times automatically.

Example: Let's say you want to get 1000 likes on your Instagram Post but you want to get 200 likes each 30 minutes. You will put:

Link: Your Post Link!
Quantity: 200
Runs: 5 (Because you want to run this order 5 times, if you want to get 2000 likes, you will run it 10 times, etc…)
Interval: 30 (Because you want to get 200 likes on your post every 60 minutes, if you want ever 2 hours, you will put 120 because the time is in minutes)

In that way, you will get 1000 likes on your Instagram Post but not all 1000 from once. You will be getting 200 likes every 30 minutes. You can do this for every service that has the Drip-Feed button!

You have to enter orders like this:
Service ID | URL | Quantity

Instagram Mention is when you mention someone on Instagram.
Example @abcde this means you have mentioned abcde under this post and abcde will receive a notification to check the post.
Basically the Instagram Mentions [User Followers], you put the link of your post, and the username of the person that you want us to mention HIS FOLLOWERS!

We offer services for all Social Media, cheapest SMM panel instagram followers, facebook, youtube, twitter, pinterest, tiktok smm panel...

Instagram Saves is when a user saves a post to his history on Instagram (by pressing the save button near the like button). A lot of saves for a post increase its impression.

Find the timestamp that is located next to your username above your comment (for example: "3 days ago") and hover over it then right click and "Copy Link Address".

The link will be something like this: instead of just

To be sure that you got the correct link, paste it in your browser's address bar and you will see that the comment is now the first one below the video and it says "Highlighted comment".

The bulk of our services have a refill guarantee, meaning that we would replenish your account free of charge if you face a drop within the refill period.

If you are a reseller, or if you are not a reseller but you want to become one, The Social Media Growth can help you with that!

We can provide you with the best services on the market at any given time. We have a dedicated team who are constantly browsing the web and is finding the best services possible, for less. We can offer up to 70% discount for our resellers depends on your number of orders with us. If you are interested in reselling our services we can promise you that we will always find better services for a cheaper price than your current provider. We can also make custom category/services with custom prices just for your needs!

In order to get a better price on our cheap SMM panel PayPal send us a ticket regarding service you want to get a discount on. is offering intangible goods such as Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services. So We will not REFUND to your payment gateway account. Any kinds of refund request will be denied. User will not withdraw added funds.