10 Things We Thought Wrong About Using An SMM Panel

10 Things We Thought Wrong About Using An SMM Panel
For those that have heard some misconceptions about SMM panels and how useful they can actually be, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the most common myths below. It’s important to note that the use of an SMM panel can help to boost your social media presence quickly to start growing your audience at a more organic rate down the line. 

Myth 1 – Your account will be banned

This is usually the one most are concerned with. Whether it’s while using an SMM panel, or maybe sometime down the line when the social media channel becomes quite active, it will receive a ban. When working with the appropriate SMM panels out there, this won’t happen because it’s not violating the terms and agreement. 

Remember, these platforms work on as many successful accounts out there as possible, and boosting them with an SMM panel will simply help to add your social media account to that top-tier list. 

Myth 2 – It feels as if you’re cheating the system

Efforts can come in many formats. Whether that effort is spending the time to grow your social media presence from day one organically or whether you want to invest in a boost with your activity is up to you. It still spends some type of resources. 

Those who find the resource of time the most valuable will see optimal results using an SMM Panel. Trust us, organic growth many times can take years before any type of useful user engagement or effective metrics show up.  

Myth 3 – They are prohibitively expensive

Cost in digital marketing can easily go over budget if not carefully monitored. With that said, when working with a professional SMM panel, you get what you pay for. You can be spending as much or as little as you need to give your social media channels the spark of life it needs to start growing more down the line. 

There are also different price points depending on where you are with your budget. It’s a great way to test the SMM panel waters in the beginning, feel comfortable with the results and outcome, and simply upgrade to a bigger package later. 

Myth 4 – They are going to ruin your social media reputation

SMM Panels have evolved beyond the days of simple spamming bots. Nowadays, you're buying into a mix of curated social media performance bots mixed in with authentic and organically grown accounts that you're repurposing to shine a digital light on your social media. As mentioned above, the account won't be banned, and often those bots will simply be deleted and removed by the system. 

Myth 5 – SMM Panels aren’t safe

This can be said that any platform has unsafe ones. With our SMM panel, you will get a spamless and virus-free solution that works to be as encrypted and protected as possible. So you don't have to be preoccupied with safety and security and can only focus on the growth our SMM panels give your social media channels. In fact, due to how much we are bringing to your social media, we take extra precautions with your data and our own. 

Myth 6 – SMM panels are a complete scam

Many think paying for followers, engagement, or subscribers is just a scam and doesn't work. That is very far from the truth. With the combination of low-cost entry points and numerous positive reviews, you will easily start to see the benefits of using a professionally run SMM panel. This is why we put our own expected metrics with each of our products, so you can get a feel of the social media boost you’re about to purchase. 

Myth 7 – SMM panels won't boost your social media channels

Another major falsehood is the right SMM panel will offer a holistic approach to your social media engagement. If you're posting consistently and of quality, then you will see your user base grow, and your engagement elevated. 

Our SMM panels come with some built-in returns and outcomes to ensure a happy client. Your only other alternative is to use paid social media advertising, which can easily explode budgets with minimal success. 

Myth 8 – SMM panels take too long to activate

Some may think that it will take months after the initial investment to see results. Those are simply not good SMM panels to work with. When you're working with ours, you can easily see each package and the expected turnaround time to see any improvement. You'll quickly see that many of our options come with improvements that can be seen in just a few days. 

Myth 9 – SMM Panels are complex

That's the beauty of many SMM panels. You're simply providing payment and a social media URL or username, and then the system starts to work. Nothing special or additional to your common social media activities needs to be done. Don't forget that includes regular posting for the activity to happen! 

Myth 10 – SMM Panels provide no after-purchase support

That is simply untrue and hurtful in some cases. While some SMM Panels simply pay for the followers and move on, we aim to ensure not only every one of our clients has their questions answered before the sale but also help provide extensive support after the fact. We want to make sure your whole experience is positive and that you fully understand the product we're offering. 

In the end

Don't hesitate to take an opportunity to grow your social media brand today. You can give it the jumpstart it needs to develop more organically if you choose to down the line. 

We're here to help get your social media off the ground, and don't push any type of commitments down your way. We always strive to comply with social media channels and strive to offer a happy customer experience. As always, if you've got any questions about how the platform will work, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Alan W.

The Social Media Growth Author

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31 Aug 2022



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