Why interactive content is critical to user engagement and growing your business

Why interactive content is critical to user engagement and growing your business

With so much technology and functionality powering today's digital world, it has enabled many businesses to be able to engage with their key target markets in ways that were simply not possible in the past. More customer touchpoints are a possibility and more avenues for interaction than staring at a television and watching commercials to view advertising. This is where interactive content comes in so handy!

What exactly is interactive content?

It's a type of content that is meant to engage with the user and have them perform some kind of activity in a useful and meaningful way. This could range from personality quizzes to games and other types of simulations.

Why is it important?

As briefly mentioned above, interactive content truly supports engagement. Users have an activity to accomplish and, in the end, receive some piece of information or a minor reward for their efforts. Since the user is already participating, they may be more interested to hear about any related products or services. This leads to longer time spent on the site, more site visits, and ultimately more conversion rates.

It can also help educate and inform on a massive level at a minimal cost. This can help your audience better understand whatever product or service you're selling without the need to engage each potential lead individually. This will help with leads and develop credibility and trust with your potential clients and audience because of the efforts made to explain the product.

This then leads to growing relationships. Users interacting with your company and brand are slightly vested with their time. If they are already a customer and engage interactively, it will help with improved brand loyalty and, of course, existing business to repeat.

Finally – as hinted earlier, interactive content can directly lead to sales. This type of content can be produced to help users find out exactly what kind of product they would need from your business. An example is an informative quiz that can direct a potential customer to the services that make the most sense to them. This is based on what they answered in the quiz and what they are trying to accomplish.

What interactive content looks like

We already discussed some options earlier above, specifically quizzes and games. This is known as gamification, where users interact with the content and end up with some type of result or prize. With a quiz, it can lead to a specific archetype or product offering. With the games, it could lead to a discounted prize at the end for customers as an introductory offering.

On top of that, a great way to provide interactive content is through the expansion of infographics. You can include pools and animations where users engage with certain infographic portions, which change based on your decisions.

A final way is via whitepapers and eBooks. These are typically meant to inform and educate but can be expanded upon to include interactive tables and charts. These can showcase different scenarios for the potential customer and how they can benefit from signing up for the product or service itself.

In the end, users can keep these documents for themselves as a future reference point. At the same time, keeping your company at the forefront of their minds.

It's also important to consistently keep on putting out new interactive content and updated content for existing information out there. This keeps users coming back for more and wanting to engage with these unique pieces of information. This is whether it's through gamification or forecasting various outputs and scenarios.

Some areas to consider when making interactive content

Remember what engagement means, and at the core, that means that the content you produce is relevant to the audience you are looking to target. On top of that, everyone is different, so you want to ensure that you provide clear and concise instructions and language throughout. In addition, keep the content easy to use, simple, and not overly long.

Make sure to use a test audience for your content to see where there is room for improvement. Combine that with the actual results you’re tracking to see where you can make adjustments to ensure maximized engagement.

Interactive content is a staple in digital marketing these days, yet to properly wield it requires experience and constant adjustment to get it right. Otherwise, you'll put in much effort and resources with minimal output. Don't be afraid to experiment with the content either, as new formats might prove to be a viable option.

How we can help

To be truly viable, interactive content needs a large enough sample of active and engaged users. What we can do is help develop or continue to expand your social media reach. It doesn't matter which social media channel you're on, but you're always increasing your followers, subscribers, and overall digital community.

This way, when you make extensive efforts to produce consistently interactive content, you can maintain engagement with your much larger audience. We work to help you organically get new followers to join and keep transparent pricing for our services. You can use us as much or as little as needed to give you and your social media platforms the boost in awareness and engagement that it needs.

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