Leveraging AI for your social media strategy

Leveraging AI for your social media strategy
We hear it more and more these days. Whether it's simply the latest fad or here to stay is still anyone's guess. Yet the impact that AI is making these days, especially to content creators everywhere, cannot simply be ignored, nor should it.

In fact, we should take the time to embrace AI and how it can help alleviate some of the burdens and restrictions of content generation. By leveraging AI and incorporating it into your social media strategy, you'll have more time to focus on what's important: growing and engaging your communities.

It can process the data points faster

When it comes to digital marketing and social media channels in general, there are a lot of data points to consider and absorb. Analyzing all of that data to get the right type of guidance can take time. Finding the latest and relevant trends may not always come in time before the trend heads downwards.

So what AI can help with is analyzing the data from social media that will provide effective solutions immediately. That means it can help guide digital marketers if more content is needed, whether advertising needs to increase, or if there are other, better-suited channels to put efforts and resources into. This is inclusive of what types of influencers should be used when it comes to promoting and marketing your products or services.

This can help save a lot of resources and money being used on analytical tools and advertising budgets that weren't going to be as impactful as originally thought.

It can help with prediction

It can be challenging to discern if an influencer, even a popular one, will help with the promotion that a brand and company seek. It's also difficult to say if the right strategy is being used or if the content being produced will help with SEO, for example. AI can help reduce those unknown factors by processing data and looking at all the information.

It doesn’t just look at past data and mathematically pushes a forecast forward based on that historical data. Instead, it can accomplish predictive analytics by looking at those data sets and all data sets related to social media and where the future trends will be at a much faster rate. That means digital marketers can focus on this refined set of data points to develop relevant and personalized campaigns that will be much more impactful than looking at older data trends.

For example, AI-powered tools can analyze social media data to identify influencers most likely to promote your products or services. This information can be used to develop targeted influencer marketing campaigns that are designed to reach a wider audience.

Creating content 

This is the big one that also may be controversial for some. Yet AI can generate a plethora of content at an alarming rate. Moreover, it's not just tools such as Chat GPT that produce written content; there is a slew of other products that can produce AI-generated sound, musical content, and Video content. 

Every major player in the content world is already incorporating AI in some capacity in their products or will do so in the future to help with developing quality content. In addition, Canva itself has started offering AI-generated content in some of its features and designs. 

All this means there is the ability to produce more content faster, which means lowering costs and saving on time. However, there's a big concern out there that the content will not be robust enough or that it may work towards reducing the need for human-generated content. Unfortunately, that's not happening anytime soon because a human element will always be required when generating the content. AI may help with the general outline or the start of the content, but the connection, relevance, and engagement still require that human touch. 

However, what AI can also help with when generating content is what type of content that needs to be generated based on the community's information in the social media channels. It will eventually be able to generate posts automatically that may be relevant to your audience. 

What it cannot help with

Remember that while AI can be an assisting tool out there and can even help with automatic communication via chatbots to your community and user base, it shouldn't be completely relied on. It should still be monitored for accuracy and not become something to depend on. 

Another item to note is what it cannot replace: users and user growth. While AI can help with a lot, from content creation to refining what the data looks like, even down to personalization, it cannot generate new followers. Human followers and subscribers, that is. 

However, what can help grow your followers and improve your community engagement is using our social media management tool. It's built to be able to scale with whatever budget you may have, and we know you'll be able to see positive results in a short time period. 

While AI may be here for now and may disappear tomorrow, you can always depend on social media marketing tools like the one we offer to focus on building your user base and reach on your preferred social media channels. 
Alan W.

The Social Media Growth Author

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