How to grow your Podcast with Social Media

How to grow your Podcast with Social Media

How to grow your Podcast with Social Media Channels

You've already seen the potential of starting or growing your existing podcast. You may have also noticed how it brought in a new flow of people who appreciate your presence so much they will join your community. Podcasting helps to give a voice to your thoughts and another outlet to grow your digital presence. It also helps to add a level of authenticity and promote the goods and services you may be offering.

That means you will want to work on growing that podcasting community and your other social media channels will help you with that.

Have a clear vision of your social media platforms

While it may be repetitive to mention, you want to ensure that you have the right type of social media channels and strategy already in the works. You want to have the right channels that make sense for the industry that you're in, and you want to ensure that you don't focus on every single channel from the beginning. After you start to grow your digital community, feel free to expand to different channels as necessary.

If you want to be more of a thought leader in business, you may consider channels such as LinkedIn. In addition, artists, travel vloggers, and even photographers can consider using mediums like Instagram. Then, of course, for other industries where you can amass a following, you don't want to forget about TikTok and its virality or Twitter, which is excellent for various industries as well. Finally, don't forget about YouTube or Facebook either, as those are also excellent options for your social media channels.

For now, you want one to two channels where you are able to focus all your efforts, grow a healthy community, and eventually redirect them to your podcast episodes as they come out. The reason is that podcasting is actually quite a cost-effective medium to build and distribute content, as there are already extensive syndication-based platforms when it comes to podcasting. Other social media channels mentioned require a concentration of resources on a consistent basis, whereas your podcast can be done once a week.

Make sure to make the podcasting fun

That means engaging content is key here. You don't want to put in all those efforts to convince your burgeoning followers to listen to your podcast, and it turns out to be dry, inconsequential, or, even worse, completely inaccurate. It's a symbiotic relationship, as you want your existing followers to be thrilled when your next episode comes out and your current listeners to convert over to your social media channels.

This leads to growing popularity for your content, which makes it easier to get guest speakers and better equipment to work on professionalizing your audio content. This, in turn, leads to better content, better engagement, and more listeners. Pretty soon, you will see how the quality of your content is a key component.

At the start, you also want to collaborate with those that do podcasting as well. You already want to collaborate with social media channels that are relevant to your focused niche, so the same needs to be done with podcasting. You can either share each other's content and hashtags or even be guest speakers for each podcast and promote them together. Again, this goes back to that critical cross-pollination of users between social media and podcasting channels.

Make sure to include your users

Another key area besides providing engaging content for your users is actually to include the listeners in the decision-making as well. It may seem that social media channels can tend to be one-sided in conversation and communication. Sure, there are ways to respond to creators and their users, but the direction to take with the content is a completely different story.

With podcasting, you can ask your audience what the next topics should be that need to be researched and discussed, and what the Wishlist may be for guest speakers in the future. It builds motivation for you to produce content that your engaged audience already wants to hear about anyway, and it helps to make them feel as if they are a part of the creation process as well, which they are.

Push your social media channel growth

Here you want to ensure that your social media channels are firing on all cylinders to continue to grow the user base. It makes promoting your podcasts directly onto these channels easier as your follower base grows upwards. You may have already maxed out all the traditional methods in your expert social media strategy. This could be a combination of producing consistent content, while at the same time allocating funds to a budget for advertising as well.

Yet, at some point, you may end up hitting a wall, and that's where using a social media management tool such as ours will help you break that digital glass ceiling and exponentially grow your followers.

We can help you grow your users organically, regardless of what social media platform you may be on, and do it with a budget that is in your control. You can utilize our platform as much or as little as you need it and always know what your costs are going to be. This will only directly help improve the popularity and audience of your podcasts as well. 

Alan W.

The Social Media Growth Author

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